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Some plants, in order to be safe, are growing their roots above the ground to cling on stones and trees. Others are growing in environments where there is not much water in the soil so these may grow such roots to breathe air. Some plants use the aerial roots in order to propagate – they drop off at some point and develop into new plants.

From germination to growth, from maturity to withering, and then, to the inevitable death; there is wisdom in the cyclical nature of things. 



Aerial Roots exhibition offers you a set of multisensorial experiences where you can interact with stories from other cultures, while reconnecting with your own environment.


Aerial Roots Exhibition Booklet

This is the booklet for Aerial Roots sensorial exhibition. Use this booklet for exploring the gallery space and interact with the art installations.

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Aerial Roots (habitat)

Quote Book

This book is a collection of interview extracts from 18 audio interviews with young people from all around the world who are sharing their feelings and thoughts on homesickness, belonging and "feeling like home".

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Aerial Roots exhibition has been hosted by
Himmelblau Gallery.
Located at Finlaysoninkuja 9, Tampere, Finland

🦾 Aerial Roots VR takes place in the digital realm until 03.2023
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