Aerial Roots Solo Exhibition, Himmelblau Gallery, Tampere, Finland


Visual Catalysts Group Exhibition, Backlight Festival, Culture House Laikku, Tampere, Finland

Likellä Group Exhibition, Nykyaika Photographic Centre, Tampere, Finland

Future Art , Virtual Group Exhibition, Berlin, Germany


International Art Collaboration Group Exhibition University of Applied Sciences Europe, Berlin, Germany


The Owner & The Dreamer, Speculum Artium DigitalBigScreening, Trbovlje, Slovenia

TECHNOGENIC Group Exhibition at Hiedanranta , Tampere, Finland

The Owner - Group Exhibition,  Ronga Gallery, Tampere, Finland 

 Close-Up Group Exhibition, Fosta Casa De Moda, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Albedo Group Exhibition at Garage 4, Bucharest, Romania


Insight-Out - Group exhibition, Ronga Gallery, Tampere, Finland


 UAD Group Exhibition, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Between Pixel Based Image and Traditional Art, Group Exhibition, Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland 


Elektroarts Art Festival, Cluj-Napoca, Romania 



 I CAN'T SEE , Solo Exhibition, Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

 21 Group exhibition,  Banffy Castle, Cluj, Romania


Dortmund Air Post Group Exhibition  Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

 Dortmund Air Post Group Exhibition, Dortmund, Germany 



Visual Catalysts Book - On Catalysing Change 

FOTOBOOK Monthly Issue #04 

Graphic Art Biennal of Szeklerland - The Relationship between the Pixel-based Image and Traditional Graphic Art, ISBN 978-606-8598-26-0

Photography lecture Women Photographers with Iris Maria Tusa , Ispra,Italy